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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  October 12, 2016 6:00am-6:58am EDT

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north carolina news at 6 starts now. >> good morning, thanks for watching north carolina news. i'm russ bowen, and thank you for being with us. >> absolutely. good morning, glad to have you along the we'll get to your big stories of the day in just a moment. first, we need to take a look at what's going on with the weather. that's why storm team meteorologist alyssa corfont is back and here with a look at the forecast. goor morning to you at home as well. as we do start off our morning, we're monitoring flood warnings, rivers that continue to rise, the tar and neuse rivers depending on where you are expecting to crest later today or continue to fall below flood stage. we watched the goldsboro area yesterday along the neuse river receive record flooding. kinston area is expected to see record flooding as we head into
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again, it's creeks and streams that are still overflowing their banks, and we're also looking at clogged storm drains causing issues with receding water as well. lets get to our satellite and radar composite. this is what we like to see as we're talking about flood warnings and dry conditions for us. no rain expected today, tomorrow, or friday or into the weekend ahead so we can continue to see storm cleanup continue as we head into the rest of the workweek. lets get to what you need to know planning your day. yes, it will be 48 degrees around the triangle. some areas are in the low 40s this morning. sunshine will still be around at lunchtime, 65. we make it to 72 which isn't far from our noal high of 74, and we'll be cooling off quickly. we drop to right around 6as we head towards that evening drive home. make sure you have a jacket as you step outside this morning. 6:01 right now. lets go ahead and check in with traffic. if you're getting ready to head out the door, no trouble spots.
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roadways, and that is still closing portions of 95, especially around cumberland county and southward. so maybe you're trying to head to south carolina. you may want to find an alternate route altogether. there are detours posted, 95 southbound and northbound closed between exits 13 and 56. again, this starts in cumberland county and moves southward. if you're heading in this direction you're going to use i- 74 as a good alternate. there are detours post direction. things a little slower because of those stoplights if you're heading southbound on 540 to downtown on u.s. 1. that's about a 17 minute drive s if you're on glenwood u.s. 70, that is about a 12 minute drive on this wednesday morning. time is now 6:02. we'll have another check on traffic and weather in about 10 minutes. johnston county residents can now get federal aid to help them cover the cost of damage caused by hurricane matthew.
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a look at the impact matthew is having on that area. lauren. >> reporter: the impact continues to even show us more how much damage there was left behind hurricane matthew. there still is the potential for flooding here in johnston county and other parts of our viewing area, but just to show you, look at how high this debris got with the flood waters and the winds let by hurricane matthew. you can see just this water or this grass still is, and it hasn't even rained in days. and look over here, this is the neuse river. that's actually supposed to be a greenway here in smithfield totally covered by water. last night the national weather service said the neuse river at goldsboro hit a new record of 29.5 feet. that level exceeds the hurricane floyd record by about 9 inches. with that said there is still
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you about here and in some other parts of our viewing area through tonight. students in johnston county will not return to school this week. within the past 24 hours, governor pat mccrory has received a feder disaster declaration to help individuals here in the county, now a third of the county's interstate are approved for federal funding. that money will help with cost of response to the storm and will help pay f storm tee, wayne and wilson are able to apply for help in repairing or rebuilding damaged homes, but all 100 counties in our state will be eligible for funding for future storm damage. this is the neuse river here in smithfield. we are still monitoring flood stages. the areas of flood warning here in this county through tonight. live in johnston county, lauren
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moore counties continues to urge evacuations there, many have evacuated but dozens remain in their homes near a potentially problematic dam. robert richardson. >> i just talked to moore county officials and they increased efforts overnight to mitigate effects of wood lake dam breaching. their trying to take the pressure off the dam. crewsput in some sandbags yesterday and are ru levels. moore county officials said the hole is wide enough for two ambulances to drive through. a wildlife resources officer told me this morning a helicopter went up last night and goat better views and they also sent up a drone. a mandatory evacuation remains in place. >> the last thing we want to do is let people back in and this thing crack open and water rush down because according to the engineers you've got 30 minutes
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would empty and that's millions of gallons of water. >> officials say that could flood downstream areas with another 2 to 3 feet of water. it's a disaster commissioner nick piscerno says he prays doesn't happen but that it could. the wildlife resource officer i talked to says the moore county emergency management is setting up a live stream camera on the dam. they'll be doing additional inspections once the sun comes up. thanks for the update. in hope mills we found people who say th they used to get out is flooded. their power has been out for days. that's something 166,000 people in our area and state are dealing with this morning. people on parkton road tell us they're frustrated but they hope that change is on the way soon. >> we've been pretty much shut off, and as you can see, this road is not in the best of shape, and we're just curious
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next if the state is going to come in and help fix this road and bring it up to par. >> and people coming together, people in the neighborhood say they are helping each other out through these tough times by sharing food and supplies. breaking news this morning, an early morning crash in raleigh has left one man badly hurt. police say the driver crashed on hillsborough street around 1:30. the car hit several parked cars and then a tree and then a house. the driver was thrown from the car. no one else was hurt. also breakg investigating an officer- involved shooting. officials say an officer was driving along a road when she heard gunshots. when she stopped to investigate, she says she saw a man with a gun. she says she feared for her life so she shot the man in his leg, but he is expected to be okay. police say they do not have video of the incident -- or they to have video. you may remember charlotte saw days of protests last month after the deadly police-
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this one in oklahoma, terrance crutcher was the man killed by a tulsa police officer last month. according to officials, a toxicology report shows he had the drug pcp in his system at the time, but attorneys for his family says that does not justify the shooting. officer betty shelby is charged with first degree manslaughter. she pled not guilty. this s home in chicago. authorities evacuated several blocks around that house and stopped traffic from entering the neighborhood so they could fight that big old fire. it's unclear if anyone was killed or hurt in this incident at this point. officials still trying to figure out what caused that blast. and in connecticut one person is bleed to be dead after a plane -- believed to be dead after a plane crashed into a neighborhood. someone caught the immediate aftermath on this cell phone video. authorities say two people were on the aircraft at the time. the other person was taken to the hospital. no word on their condition at
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welcome back to cbs north carolina. it is now 6:11 on this wednesday morning. we are starting off at 49 degrees. this is a live picture from our tower camera as we do start off the morning, no rain, no fog, and we're really looking at cloud-free skies. now, of course that's hard to tell until we actually see the sunrise, and that doesn't happen until 7:20 this morning. in the meantime, here is the breakdown of that drive time forecast. 49 degrees right now, 47 at 7
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9 a.m. this morning. again, plenty of sunshine, all you'll have to worry about as you head out the door are your sunglasses and a jacket certainly to keep you on the warmer side. let get a look at where those temperatures sit right now. we're at 46 in south hill, 41 in roxboro. 50 in durham, 49 in raleigh. heading southward, we have 53 in fayetteville and 50 in re ford. let me get you to what you need noon and then 72 for our afternoon high. 72 is actually pretty close to seasonal. seasonal being right around 74 for this time of year, and then as we head towards 6:00 this evening we should be cooling off pretty quickly. i will have a closer look at the rest of your workweek forecast, plus a cold front that could drop temperatures by friday. those details coming your way in just a bit. 6:12 right now.
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it's a legal fight that's been happening for several years, and now it's heading to the highest court in the land. the supreme court is now hearing arguments over a patent lawsuit from 2012. that's when a court found samsung had copied the iphone too closely and ordered samsung to pay nearly a billion dollars, but an appeals court later reduced that sum by more than half, so apple is asking the high court to uphold the original ruling. major issues on a louisiana highway yesterday. police say a trailer carrying escape. officials had trouble corralling the loose calves so they called in a professional wrangler and animal control officers and together they tracked the cows down. >> and we used a dog to find them, and we roped them. >> they were stretched out about 3 to 4 miles behind all these businesses. it took a while to get them. >> it took about an hour and a
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back to normal. all right. time check right now at 6:14. we continue to follow breaking news this morning, in 2 minutes we are live in spring lake as residents are forced to evacuate dough to flooding! and recent creepy clown sightings is taking a toll on an iconic mascot.
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reported earlier, officials in moore county are paying close attention to the wood lake dam this morning. >> hundreds of people that live nearby are being forced to evacuate, because that dam is in imminent danger of breaking. officials are concerned because if that happens a number of communities downstream could be in a whole lot of trouble. >> and one of them is spring lake, which is all the way in cumberland county. people there are being told to get ready. >> rick reitzel joins us live with what's being done.
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us what you know. >> reporter: well, good morning, the mandatory evacuation order here has been downgraded to a warning. now the little river you see here has receded some after hurricane rains caused water to wash over this bridge. experts say if the dam upstream breaches, it could empty into this river in 30 minutes causing widespread damage. you can see national guard troops stacking sandbags trying to stabilize that dam while others figure out how to fix the gianle concrete face. once again, they downgraded the evacuation order, but still are warning about safety for neighbors and first responders. >> would you want me to leave your kids in that zone, i think not. so that's what we tell them, but it's ultimately up to you. >> stabilizing the dam is only a temporary fix bringing it back up to safety standards
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living downstream, they say that could be a very expensive proposition. live here in spring lake, i'm rick reitzel. >> thanks for being live there this morning. good to know that some of that concern has lifted in some of these areas we're talking about all morning. >> yeah, near goldsboro, record flooding expected there where the neuse river is and along the neuse river near kinston. that's what we've been talking that won't happen until a couple days from now. near kinston that river could rise a foot a day. >> wow. >> just even hard to really fathom that. thinking about those folks and hoping this dry weather continues. lets get to our forecast for today. we are going to start off on the dry side, 49 degrees right now. this is a live picture from the raleigh durham international airport showing us those dry conditions. so you won't have those windshield wipers to worry
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of you. 49 in raleigh, 42 in sanford. 41 in roxboro. we have 44 in south hill. looking southward, low 50s around lillington, fayetteville, and clayton. also 52 in rocky mount. lets get straight to your hour- by-hour forecast today. we're going to stay put in those 40s as we head through 8 a.m. by 10 a.m. we should climb about 10 degrees to 58. still cool if you ask me. 65 at lunchtime. that's when it will start to feel comfortable head towards our afternoon high. 67 then as we head towards 6:00 for that evening drive home. the setup is this. we have high pressure to our northeast, cold front back to our west. this cold front comes into play but not until tomorrow afternoon. ahead of it, we may notice a few extra clouds. ahead of it these temperatures are going to be the warmest they've been so far this week. that cold front moves through. high pressure builds in behind it, so rain never falls with this threat.
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and saturday. let's go ahead and take a look at this on our future forecast. no rain, no clouds to worry about today. wall to wall sunshine and into the afternoon hours, maybe if you're heading east you may run into a little extra cloud cover. even there you're not expecting any rain. as we head towards tomorrow morning, we will start off clear. we could see a few afternoon clouds. i do want to get to the flood warnings. remember, wore watching a number of rivers up and town the 95 sandhills. we're watching flooded roads, rivers, creeks and streams still overflowing their banks. clogged storm drains really causing problems for you. there's still a number of road closures that you need to be cautious of as you're heading out the door this morning. that was all because of hurricane matthew. forming overnight, hurricane nicole. the thing with nicole will not threaten us whatsoever. winds at 100 miles per hour. it's moving northwest at 7 miles per hour, not good news
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happens, could move right over bermuda thursday into friday as a cot gore 2 storm. we progress to the -- category 2 storm. we progress to the north. we'll get to our forecast, 72 our nigh raleigh, 71 in durham, and 74 in fayetteville. overnight tonight we should drop to right around 49. those air-conditioning units continue to get a break. 76 as we head towards thursday. that cold front comes through as i was talking about us to 68 on friday. 72en sunday. back into the upper 70s, so warmer than normal as we head towards next monday and tuesday. we'll start off with temperatures a bit milder as well. 6:21 right now. let's go ahead and check in with traffic. if you're getting ready to head out the door this morning, no accidents on our main highway. that's 440, 40, and 540 showing no trouble spots f. you're
6:22 am
really lyrics no red or orange or yellow on our map, which means no slowdowns this morning, but we have purple on the map and purple indicates road closures. it's what we've been talking about for the past several days. 95 still closed throughout portions of cumberland and southwards towards the south carolina line. around harnett county it has been open but the 95 closure continues in northbound and southbound directions between exits 13 and 56 as we is going to take i-74. you will also have signs posted around this 95 detour. if you can avoid this area altogether crews are advising you to. here through the durham area, no trouble spots to report there. as far as your drive time concerns, looking at all in the green, which means you're moving close to the posted speed limits westbound on 540, 440 and 40. thanks alyssa.
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answer to the next medical breakthrough. how the super computer could soon save lives. >> and mcdonald's isn't
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arsenic, mercury, lead. that's what you got. duke energy endangered the drinking water of 1.6 million people in north carolina. and what did duke energy get?
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and what will you get? years of higher electric bills to pay for cleaning up their mess. pat mccrory: not looking out for us. ask. a company known for making computer software may be experimenting in thefi of clown scares could lead to issues for one of the host well- known clowns and loved clowns in advertising. cbs's hena daniels joins us live from the floor of the new york stock exchange to tell us more. >> good morning, stefan, can a computer help cure cancer. ibm allowing its u.s.-based employees diagnosed with cancer to use its powerful super computer watson to help them fight the disease. the super computer will assist
6:26 am
choices and clinical trials. doctors collect health information from patients who then enter it into watson and that creates a report suggesting options. and ronald mcdonald is making fewer appearances these days. mcdonald's says it's being thoughtful by lowering the profile of its famous mascot. this comes after reports nationwide of creepy clown sightings with some children saying people dressed as clowns tried to lure them into the s. stuff. bmw has just unveiled its motorcycle of the future. we want to see. >> this is really cool. bmw is showing off the motorcycle of tomorrow. the bike is self-balancing, so it stays upright even if it's not moving and bmw also says riders won't need to wear a helmet because the bike is smart enough to avoid crashing. >> you know, i like the fact that it balances on its own
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motorcycle but still going to wear the helmet. got to have that. >> yeah, i'm a little reluctant on that too. >> thanks a lot. have a great wednesday. currently 6:27 right now. coming up in our next half hour, the campaign trail continues to make its way through north carolina. >> it's good to be in north carolina. >> a mostly warm welcome for the commander in chief in north carolina. coming up, when someone tried to interrupt him, though. >> plus before you head out the
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north carolina news starts now. >> good morning everyone. thanks for watching north carolina news at 6:30. we know you've had a tough week so far. thanks for being with us. i'm russ bowen. >> and another busy day in news, good morning, i'm stefan chase. thanks for tuning in.
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as we deal with the aftermath of hurricane matthew. at last check state leaders said 18 people have died in north carolina as a result of matthew. that's more than half of the 34 deaths reported across the four states that were all impacted by the storm. >> 32 north carolina counties are under a federal disaster declaration meaning they can use federal money to help with their matthew response. >> and new overnight, we're also learning about another flooding death in wayne county. goldsboro police say they found a car in a memorial drive tuesday evening. 54-year-old lemuel kornegay was found inside. officials believe his car got stuck in flood waters saturday night, pushed his car and a creek where he drowned. several school systems are closed today. that includes cumberland, halifax, harnett, moore and nash rocky mount. lee county is on a one-hour delay today, and 166,000 people across central and eastern north carolina are still without power right now.
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water advisories. >> we have several crews keeping an eye on some of the big issues that remain. lauren haviland is in johnston county where many parts of smithfield are still close glad also robert richardson has new information from moore county. first let's check in with alyssa corfont who has the forecast for the day. >> good morning, and good morning to you at home as well. i want to start off our forecast with the flood warnings that are still in effect this morning up the 95 corridor, down along the sandhills, we have the rivers that are still cresting later today or starting to fall below flood stage. some rivers aren't expected to crest until late this weekend, and of course we'd still have a number of roads closed this morning as well. clogged storm drains continuing to cause us issues. if you are heading out the door this morning, good news no rain, no fog, no weather worries heading out the door other than where is your jacket because it is quite chilly.
6:32 am
right now -- or 48 at 8 a.m., i should say. 65 at lunchtime. 75 your afternoon high while normal is right around 74. we should be dropping to 67. cooling off pretty quickly as we head towards 6:00 this evening. all that sunshine stinging around helping to dry things out for another day for us here in central north carolina. we'll get to more on your forecast in about 10 minutes. right now i do want to check in with your traffic conditions. good news is no accidents on yo that's 440, 540 and 40 around raleigh. all moving smooth if you're moving along glenwood or capital boulevard, no accidents in those directions either. now i do have another update for you on some road closures closed due to flooding. i-40 westbound closed between exit 341 and 344. detours posted and certainly take those if you are traveling on i-40 westbound throughout
6:33 am
as far as your northbound drive times go we have on u.s. 1 between 55 and downtown, on 40 between nc42 and don't a 20 minute drive. and 401 heading northbound into downtown between 55 and downtown, that is going to cost you a 23 minute drive as you get started on this wednesday. we will have another check on traffic as well in just a little bit. stay with carolina. johnston county can now get federal aid to help them cover the cost of damage caused by hurricane matthew. cbs north carolina's lauren haviland has been in smithfield all morning. she's got a look at the impact matthew is having on that area. good morning lauren. >> reporter: unfortunately it's a big impact from hurricane matthew. they're really going to need that federal funding. thankfully they've got it. right now we're on the neuse river. this is actually supposed to be
6:34 am
deep, but like i said this is usually walkable. you can see how high the neuse river still is at this point. it's really hard to see where it actually should be this month. last night the national weather service said the neuse river at goldsboro hit a new record of 19.5 feet. with that being said, there is still a flood warning here that we wanted to warn you about that is not only here in johnston county part of our viewing area that last through the night. students in johnston county will not return to school until as soon as monday. so far there have been 18 storm- related deaths. threof them right here in johnston county where all were in their cars when flood waters swept them away. not only are these conditions not safe to drive in, you need to be aware, some of these flood waters contain sewage. good news, all 100 counties in
6:35 am
future storm damage. again, this is the neuse river still very high. we can see some of the damage that it has caused. good news again. it is starting to recede. they are going to continue to monitor these conditions because there is still that flood warning that lasts until about 10:30 tonight. live in smithfield, lauren haviland cbs north carolina. thank you. moore county officials say dozens of people are putting their own lives at risk by refusing to mandatory evacuation. cbs north carolina's robert richardson is keeping a close watch on the situation at wood lake dam. >> stefan, moore county says it should be easier to monitor the dam. they've installed a live streaming camera that's available to watch on the county's emergency management website. earlier this hour i got an update. they say they're running pumps on the back side of the dam to
6:36 am
the county provided us with photos because it's too unsafe to allow us to take our own pictures. county commissioners say it's a slow and dangerous process to work on the dam. they say about 30 to 40 national guardsmen are putting their lives at risk to protect everyone else. >> if that dam gave away they're gone. i want you to understand they're on a dam that if that thing they're gone. there's no rescuing them probably. you've got millions of gallons of water that i can them away. >> moore county commissioners fear for the safety of 80 people who remain at home despite evacuations. water levels could rise an additional 2 to 3 feet if the dam breaks. a wildlife resources officer told me this morning that crews used a helicopter and a remote control operated drone overnight to get some better views and they'll make more assessments as the sun comes up this morning. >> we're thinking about the folks there. governor pat mccrory and
6:37 am
squared off last night in the second gubernatorial debate, and they minced rds about teacher pay raises and on house bill 2. >> hi attacks businesses who are opposed to it and says everything is going fine. governor what planet are you on you. you need to get your facts straight and to represent your record correctly. >> you're about as straighted a >> the candidates talked about tax reform and the new state law dealing with body cameras and also the federal courts overturning the state's new voter id law. >> if you don't think there's potential for voter fraud, you're digging your head in the sand. >> the governor knows that this legislation was much broader than a voter id law, although this was the strictest in the country. it had to do with early voting, the ease of early voting. >> both candidates offered thoughts and prayers to flooding victims and their
6:38 am
important time to hold the debate right now and as the election gets closer and closer, we want to remind you if you haven't registered to vote, the deadline is this week. for the fifth straight day we are feeling the effects of hurricane matthew. coming up, the highway patrol will update us on the road conditions before you head out the door. >> and an bridge withstands an implosion,. >> today is going to be a cool one. look at this, temperatures at 43 in siler city 50 in chapel hill, but it will be dry and sunny. more on your forecast and the flood warnings that do continue [music] >> dr. stanley: we can understand and realize, it's through the gospel that you and i can be absolutely assured at what paul said when he said, "absent from the body, present with the lord." we don't have to fear death. it's through the gospel that our
6:39 am
buck newton's law legalizing discrimination. a national embarrassment. it was my honor and my privilege to carry house bill 2 through the north carolina senate. and newton stands defiantly behind hb2. my opponent calls this buck's bill. and you know what? i say, bring it on!
6:40 am
i'm josh stein. i'm running for attorney general to protect our families and strengthen our communities.
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good wednesday morning to you, approaching 6:41 right now. we are starting off dry, clear skies, of course it's hard to see that just yet. sun hasn't risen, and it doesn't rise until 7:20 this morning. as you're driving around this morning, make sure you're driving cautiously. remember those kids at the bus stops. 49 degrees as we do start off our day in raleigh. 50 in durham, 41 in roxboro, now, yes, these temperatures aren't they're still going to require a jacket. 42 in sanford, 44 in pinehurst, 50 in ray ford. here's the bus stop forecast we were just talking about watchingout for those kids. it's a chilly morning, 47 degrees getting on the bus. getting off of it, we will be in the 70s for the first time this week. it's going to be great, plenty of sunshine, temperatures normal for this time of the year. normally for this time of the
6:42 am
i'll give you a little hint, towards tomorrow as well. 76. we will see a few afternoon clouds tomorrow. a cold front will be approaching. no rain associated with this front but cooler temperatures certainly behind that front we will drop back into the upper -- 60s. right now i want to send it back to russ. a round of explosions on an arkansas bridge was supposed to make it fa the nearly 100-year-old structure just would not go down without a fight. it collapsed into itself so contractors had to come up with a backup plan. they attached a cable to part of the brimming and started pulling on it. that eventually did the trick. >> didn't work at first. they added another tug for a little bit more horsepower. the tandem operation seemed to do the trick because the bridge came down almost without a
6:43 am
the metal out of the river so water traffic can resume. 6:42, the roads all around our state continue to be a very big problem. in just about 2 minutes, the highway patrol will update us on the latest closures that could affect your morning commute. >> try to get your own rally [ cheers and applause ] >> a man who's no stranger to hecklers getting interrupted during a stop here in north carolina, narrator: look up the facts on richard burr. the insurance industry gave richard burr's campaigns one-point-one million dollars. that's public record. and richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare. "new profits for private insurers would be as high as sixteen to twenty-six billion." but seniors would pay nine percent more for medicare. richard burr is looking out for himself and the insurance industry... not you.
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this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. it's all of this, this, and this. and especially that. waaat? yep, add this and you've got strawesomeberry. "oohh!"
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this. is. everything. president obama campaigned for hillary clinton in greensboro tuesday, but not everyone was excited to see the commander in chief, at one point while he was speaking a man ran toward the stage and started elli. >> uh-oh. somebody's yelling at me again. >> as you saw, that protestor
6:46 am
the president took the interruption in stride, though, he also returned to a comment he's made before saying instead of booing, go out and vote. looking ahead now donald trump's running mate will be in raleigh today. governor mike pence is holding an event at the hilton in north raleigh. also today his democratic counter part senator tim kaine is speaking at davidson college near charlotte. later in the week donald trump himself will be in charlotte and greensboro. in addition to rescue workers in our state are trying to keep an eye on north carolina's roads and highways. >> many of them like i-95 in harnett county are beginning to reopen days after hurricane matthew shut them down. >> unfortunately officials still have a lot of work ahead of them. sergeant michael baker is with the north carolina highway patrol. he joins us now. >> that's right, sergeant baker we had the opportunity to speak with you yesterday, and you told folks that they don't have o'get out, stay off the roads.
6:47 am
surely seeing water receding. we ever keeping an eye on the eastern portion of the state primarily around goldsboro, kinston, the areas around the neuse river. we are still seeing it rise as it continues to crest. down in lumberton, they are still having some major issues with flooding. fortunately around the triangle area our conditions are is it any -- is it in any better condition today than yesterday? >> it actually is. we're still seeing like i said the water recede. we initially admitted a tremendous detour, probably one of the largest detours i've seen implemented in my career,
6:48 am
we upgraded that detour last night where it travels between 73 southbound and 56. between the 13-mile marker up north to the 56-mile marker we're still having some issues, one of the things we're asking motorists to do in the event they are traveling on 95 is please follow the detour routes. refrain from using any type of gps devices. try to find an alternate route because we're finding motorists are using their gps get around the flooded portions of the interstate, only to find themselves in a situation where they're attempting to cross flooded secondary roads. please use those appropriated detours. follow the message boards, follow the signs and so forth that have been put up by the department of transportation. >> and also sergeant baker we understand that drivers who are heading out today should not be using their gps. why not. >> again, we're just asking
6:49 am
appropriated detours. the gps devices are going to take them to the quickest means necessary, but google or whatever type of gps they're using is not going to implement or have any type of flood information on it. it's just going to take them to the quickest means necessary or depending on what route they choose. we're asking you to follow the message boards. use the appropriate detours put in by the department of transportation. >> sergeant michael bake some very very good advice and a new update on how our roads look. we look forward to talking to you hopefully tomorrow as well. >> we know the troopers are working diligently to make things better. >> and good advice about gps. you can drive into flooded waters. it's very easy. >> you certainly can. sometimes it tries to take me still to that main route. good news is they have those detours posted for you. get to your destination safely.
6:50 am
morning, we're starting to see brighter skies around the raleigh durham area. 49 degrees right now. this is out at the airport. look at this, not too shabby as we start off our morning, it's looking pretty clear, and those clear skies allowed for cool temperatures this morning but will allow for temperatures a little warmer this afternoon. lets get to those temperatures before you head out the door hovering right around 50 so far this mortgage in durham. 45 in south mi is reporting 41 to start off your wednesday. here's the day ahead, a chilly start, 48 through 8 a.m. 65 at lunchtime. plenty of sunshine there. normal high for this time is 74. we'll be close to 72. pretty close to norm, cooling off quickly though heading into the 6:00 hour. we should be dropping back to 67 for that evening drive home. here's the setup for today, high pressure to the north and east, cold front to the west. between these systems the
6:51 am
week. cold front moves through as we head towards thursday night and friday. no rain anticipated with that front but certainly a drop in temperatures. i do think as high pressure builds back in for friday and saturday, highs will struggle to reach the up 60s. no rain in the forecast, which is great news for the swollen rivers that continue to rise in some cases they'll be able to recede later this week. here we are, sunshine for us through lunchtime continuing into the afternoon. maybe a little extra cloud cover for the eastern side of our state, no thankfully. heading into overnight tonight we'll stay on the clear side and that's where we'll be to start off our thursday morning. an update on the flood warnings, around the neuse river and goldsboro record flooding occurring as we speak. but it does look like the waters will start to recede. we're looking at portions of the neuse river where the water is supposed to rise a foot a
6:52 am
saturday. the forecast track of hurricane nicole, yes, you heard me protectly. wind at 100 miles per hour, moving to the northwest at 7 miles per hour. puts this as a category 2 hurricane and hot good news for bermuda because it looks like the storm is going to move right over the tiny island thursday into friday. friday morning it would start to weaken already and some cooler waters weakening continuously as we head towards saturday and sunday. 72 in raleigh, 71 i today. then tonight 49, clear skies, cool again. those ac units will certainly be getting a break as we continue through the rest of this workweek. 76 our high thursday. that cold front comes through, drops us back to 68 friday. we're dropping into the upper 60s as we head towards saturday and then that sunshine doing its job as we head towards sunday. look out for early next week, going to be much warmer.
6:53 am
in the mid to upper 50s. 6:53 in the morning. >> when we come back, this morning's headlines and the test on flooding across the state. >> first gayle king with a preview of s this morning. >> more than a quarter of a elected republicans say they cannot support donald trump. >> and seth doane visits the italian winery where they say the secret to vines. vines. the news is back in the how tall are you? vines. the news is back in the how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. the values we pass on. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country
6:54 am
at means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way families do. working together. respecting one another. and never giving up.
6:55 am
here's a quick look at some news to know before you go today. 18 deaths are now reported in north carolina following hurricane matthew. >> and that's more than half of the total number of deaths being blamed on matthew. >> overnight, officials in goldsboro told us they found another flood victim in a car. that death is not included in the 18. >> and don't forget several school systems in our viewing
6:56 am
many of those are because of flooded roads and power outages. 166,000 people across central and eastern north carolina do not have electricity this morning. amidst response and recovery operations state officials now investigating a fatal shooting that involved a state highway patrolman. authorities say two sheriff's deputies and a patrol mar were doing search and rescue operations along west 5th street in lumberton. they encountered a man with a begun who officials are watching the thurifer this morning. it's causing -- this morning. sadly this area was also badly damaged during hurricane floyd back in 1999. there is some good news. if i recalls don't expect the tar river to reach 37 feet which would have made conditions a lot worse. but they do plan to keep the state of emgency in effect, at least until they're confident the water will not rise anymore. fingers crossed. >> yeah, that could be some
6:57 am
>> certainly. let's get to our forecast. the good news is also that the dry weather will continue for us today. clear skies out at the airport this morning, but chilly, had the degrees. not quite as chilly as yesterday but you still want to take that jacket. now to the flood warnings that will for some of you continue until later this week. we were just talking about the tar river in tarboro expected to crest later today. also cresting today near the greenville area and of course we have the neuse river been monitoring, cresting as we speak in goldsboro and we start to recede as we head towards later today. kinston not expected to see the neuse river crest there until saturday. could rise as much as a foot a day until cresting around 27 feet. here's the last look at your seven-day forecast. 72 our high today, 76 tomorrow. the 60s for the end of the workweek. getting a quick update on an accident this morning,
6:58 am
on blue ridge. >> all your latest updates coming up at noon.
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, october 12th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? donald trump declares war on publican leaders who are ba backing reveal embarrassing moments inside hillary clinton's campaign. >> hurricane matthew, thousands vr rescued from the catastrophic flooding in north carolina. one swollen river threatens to split an entire county in two. a new survey reveals top three mistakes teenagers make behind the wheel. aaa say parents may share the blame. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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